Popular Careers for Women in 2018

Career selection is a very important task for the women.  It is true that like everyone else women need to have training before working in a field. Practice and drills make them perfect. After bearing pain and facing tough situations, they get experience. It may be positive or it may be negative, especially in male dominated and male oriented societies. So, women have to be conscious enough while selecting their professions because they must choose a career that suits their personality. It is not if I were a doctor or if I were a lawyer-based wish, it is based on facts and figures of social norms and customs and financial issues. A woman is bold enough to face anything and she can make her choice.

Keeping these facts in the forefront, we can point out that these professions are suitable for the women in 2018 or these are highest paying professions for the women. It is an actual fact that if a woman leaves her home she needs a handsome salary package. 


Medical Field:

Corporate council, pharmacist, general pediatrician, general practice physician, president of marketing optometrist, president of human resources, psychiatric advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, doctors, dentists and surgeons they are practicing and diagnosing patients in best possible ways. They are getting attractive salaries, having high ranked status. 


Management and related occupations: 

Women are working as chief executives, operation managers, legislators, advertising and promotions manager marketing and sales manager , public relations and fundraising managers, computer and information systems managers, financial managers, compensation and benefit managers , human resources managers, training and development managers, purchasing managers, transportation storage and distribution managers, farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers, construction managers, educational administrator, architectural and engineering managers, food service managers, funeral service managers, gaming managers, lodging managers, medical and health services managers, natural sciences managers, postmasters and mail superintendents, property real estate and community managers, social and community service managers, emergency management directors, managers, all other business and financial operations occupations. 

Computer and mathematical occupations: 

Computer and information research scientists, computer system analysts, computer programmers, information security analysts, software developers, Web developers, computer support specialist, database administrators, network and computer system administrators, computer network architects, computer occupations, all others. Actuaries, mathematicians, statisticians, operation research analyst, aerospace engineers, agricultural engineers, biomedical engineers, chemical engineers, civil engineers, computer hardware engineers, electrical and electronics engineers, environmental engineers, nuclear engineers, petroleum engineers, engineering technicians, surveying and mapping technicians etc. 


Life, physical and social science occupations: 

 Agriculture and food scientists, biological scientists, medical scientists, life scientists, astronomers and physicists, chemists, material scientists, environmental scientists, geoscientists, economists, psychologists and survey researchers, women are working as urban and regional planners, miscellaneous community and social service specialists. The women are giving services in services in service and protective services. Even they are not less than men in sales and office services. 

In media and in the world of art women are playing their pivotal role. They are proving that every field of work is not difficult task for them. There exists no field where women cannot work. Patience and humbleness is the key to earn respect and develop character for anyone. They must exhibit these skills. 

Working from Home: Balancing Family and Business

Home is a beautiful place where you live with your family and they depend on you for so much.  Naturally you love to spend time with your children and family.  If you are a business woman, having a business-oriented mind can cause you to feel spread thin when demands of motherhood and business come into play.

Learn to set boundaries between your family life and business life. If you start working on project after project, it can feel like you have never left the office. This is a challenge for those who work from home. If you keep this routine, you may feel like a complete stranger for your family. Learn to prioritize your family and budget your time appropriately.

It is fact that women are strong and beautiful and have endurance, patience and strength. If you are making a contribution to your family, you feel fulfilled and pleased but if you are overwhelmed with too much work, it becomes difficult to keep balance between family life and work life. Try to “clock out” at five to have dinner with your partner and kids. Remember, your kids are only little for so long, so enjoy every moment!

Make your life special by keeping the natural trend going on. Keep it close by caring your family in best possible ways. As a mother you play a pivotal role in your family’s lives. If you tend to be house wife and business women, learn to create a way to work and enjoy family so you can have a pleasant and non-stressful life.

It is a social thinking that the women with children and who work from home have to be superwomen.  It is inevitable that finding a schedule that works is a key part of the process. Don’t be afraid to ask for support. If you are paying your share of the bills and staying at home, you can easily get swept up in overworking yourself.  Having assistance goes a long way. Finding a reliable sitter, family member, or good school to assist with the children is an important factor. Those around you should respect your sacrifices. 

Apart from this aspect, women can learn to balance between family life and professional life. They must balance it lest they should fail to manage it. So, finding a balancing should be a priority!

What is the NAWBO?


  • NAWBO is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and meeting the needs of women business owners worldwide.
  • It has 8,000 members worldwide and the California NAWBO had 9 chapters with over 1,000 members.
  • Its research arm, the National Foundation for Women Business Owners (NFWBO), is the premier research organization studying women business ownership.
  • Its groundbreaking data on access to capital, use of technology, and business growth have been cited worldwide. NAWBO is a major player in Washington, participating in the drafting, commenting, and shaping of legislation that affects business owners.


Women entrepreneurs in San Diego county own 38% of all businesses. They employ 41% of the county’s workers. They generate over $26 billion sales. Nationwide, women own nearly eight million businesses, or more than a third of all American companies. Minority women owned firms are increasing at triple the national rate.


NAWBO traces its origins to a small group of Washington, DC business women who began meeting informally in the Spring of 1974 to talk about mutual experiences, exchange information and develop business skills. Recognizing the value of the group, they incorporated as the National Association of Women Business Owners on July 5, 1975. Two years later they began recruiting members from across the country, and in 1978 the first chapters were formed.


Membership is open to sole proprietors, partners and corporate owners with day-to-day management responsibility. Active members who live in a chapter area automatically join both chapter and national. Those who do not live in a chapter area join as at-large members.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not the official website of the NAWBO however we do retain information on this organization that exists in the public record. The goal of this blog is to educate our readers about women business owners in order to inspire others!