Famous Female CEO’s

There are many inspiring women CEO’s. It is true that there are more male CEO’s in the U.S.A. currently, but the number of female to male ratio is ever growing.  When she comes to show her real strength, she becomes matchless. It is another fact she roars like a lioness and fights like an empress. Universally, history is so full of such examples where women played majestic roles. There are a number of powerful women who shaped their time period through their wisdom, passion, strength and leadership qualities. 

They revolutionized the status quo, made lasting changes ushering in the best cultural reforms and prosperous mechanisms. It is an eye-catching fact that monarchy managed to digest such feminist feats as Zenobia, Cleopatra, Lakshmi bai, The Rani of Jhansi, Joan of the Arc, Borte Ujin, Razia Sultana, Indra Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Margret Thatcher, Theodora, Queen Victoria, Empress Dowager, Maria Theresa of Austria, Hatshepsut, Catherine the great, Elizabeth-1 etc. All of these women are examples of woman empowerment and they presided ores their countries. 

Intelligent decision-making needs great peace of mind and patience and no one can practice these skills better than a woman can. Numerous successful companies under the control of women, which are proof of this.  

Even now in 2018, There are many brave, passionate and strong women who still prove to be a concrete wall in front of business monarchies and disturb and disrupt their reigns. They are icons and tycoons in business. They are managing high posts and running famous companies as CEO’s. 

In Thailand female CEO’s are in the highest proportion, as followed by the set examples in China.  

According to the recent analysis there are only 24 Female CEO’s out of 500 companies. 

  • Marry Barra: She is chief executive officer of general motors.  
  • Gini Rometty: She is chairperson of IBM. 
  • Indra Nooyi: She is chief executive of PepsiCo. 
  • Marilyn Hewson: She is CEO of look head martin. 
  • Safra Catz: She is working for oracle. 
  • Phebe Novakovic: She is CEO of general dynamic. 
  • Tricia Griffith: She is Working for progressive. 
  • Lynn Good: Vice chair of the board, Duke energy. 
  • Gisha William: President if electric operation at PG’n E Corp. 
  • Margaret Keane: She is working for synchrony financial. 
  • Denna Mulligan: she is guardian insurance CEO. 
  • Barbara Rentler: She is working for Ross stores. 
  • Debra Crew: She is working for Reynolds American. 
  • Anna manning: Her company is free insurance of America. 
  • Vicki Holub: She is chief executive officer of accidental petroleum. 
  • Debra Red: Sempra energy. 
  • Kathryn V. Marinello: Hertz Global Holdings. 
  • Mary Laschinger: Veritiv. 
  • Denise Morrison: Campbell soup. 
  • Michele Buck: Hershey. 
  • Patricia Poppe: CMS energy  
  • Kathy Mazzarella: Graybar Electric 
  • Margo Georgiadis: Mattel 
  • Beth E. Mooney: KeyCorp. 

Female CEO’s in the Fortune 500 are not enlisted as the norm but are taking positive stride, in this perspective, 2018 is surely continuing the trend with their 24 females helping to lead the charge. 

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Have you thought about freelancing? What are the positives and negatives to this? We cover the pros and cons in this article.

Pros of freelancing: 

People who are interested in varying categories of work they prefer freelancing, they want to work on certain topics. As every profession has some merits and some demerits. If someone is interested in writing freely on appealing topics he won’t give attention to the demerits. He would try to keep balance between the pros and cons of the freelancing work. 

Here the question arises what the pros and cons of freelancing work are when the people are interested in freelance career they ask it. 

It hits the tremendous choice and variety of topics, clients and projects. Granted you take an all comers approach when you start freelancing without having any experience. after gaining experience you focus on anywhere from one to five niche expertise areas of work. You can be the choosers of schedules, pay rates and other aspects as well. 

Daily routine work gets you nowhere you start to feel bored and tiresome, in order to keep your mind stimulating and fresh choice and variety of topics play the key role. 

It’s useless to say that a few people are happy with their jobs or others misdeal you who doesn’t pay you as you are really worth. Sometimes it becomes worst to work underneath someone having bullying attitude. This is what that makes freelancing attractive and appealing.  

You are your own ‘’Boss’’, this is the main and the most attractive draw of freelancing. You manage your own schedule. 

You cut back on the time. It saves your time, money and extra expenditure by keeping me at my place and avoid having to drain out my bank account. When you are a freelancer you manage and take your work with you. For instance, many famous public places offer free Wi-Fi such as McDonalds’ and many coffee shops. You can do your work there on your own laptop or tab etc. 

You can flow your creativity by staying at home.in office atmosphere some times when you are working in office atmosphere you deal with things that are out of your control as phone ringing and office workers talking and meetings etc. but when you manage your work you manage your own surroundings by turning off phone and avoiding meetings. 

Some of us don’t like to work in the daytime n feel better to do work in the night here u feel free to work at time of your choice. This leaves your wide open to enjoy your day time according to your choice. 


Cons of freelancing: 

Some of the freelancers have to face the unpleasant situations when it comes to financial stuff. You’ve to accept the freelancing job very carefully you can’t rely on anyone at once. Finding upfront how much you supposed to get paid, as well as the manners of payment. Too often people get engaged doing the work but never seeing the check or receiving their pay check late and so late. 

People who are doing normal office work get many other compensations as well but in freelancing job you are to go alone when it comes to other things and compensations. 

Sometimes working atmosphere can disrupt your creativity so the result you are not as productive as you at home which translates the quality of your work rather sufferings, when you need to be really systematically disciplined. For some very reasons some people who are living with others or having kids may need letting others know your work timings accurately. If you are a sensitive and touchy one and easily get distracted by your surroundings leave home and go to nearby library or coffee shops. Some freelancers write for someone else. For some this isn’t a big deal but it can make life mundane like other jobs you can figure out rather you can change your job or not. 


A huge burden that disturbs any freelancer’s mind is how long is this freelancing job going to last?