Popular Careers for Women in 2018

Career selection is a very important task for the women.  It is true that like everyone else women need to have training before working in a field. Practice and drills make them perfect. After bearing pain and facing tough situations, they get experience. It may be positive or it may be negative, especially in male dominated and male oriented societies. So, women have to be conscious enough while selecting their professions because they must choose a career that suits their personality. It is not if I were a doctor or if I were a lawyer-based wish, it is based on facts and figures of social norms and customs and financial issues. A woman is bold enough to face anything and she can make her choice.

Keeping these facts in the forefront, we can point out that these professions are suitable for the women in 2018 or these are highest paying professions for the women. It is an actual fact that if a woman leaves her home she needs a handsome salary package. 


Medical Field:

Corporate council, pharmacist, general pediatrician, general practice physician, president of marketing optometrist, president of human resources, psychiatric advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, doctors, dentists and surgeons they are practicing and diagnosing patients in best possible ways. They are getting attractive salaries, having high ranked status. 


Management and related occupations: 

Women are working as chief executives, operation managers, legislators, advertising and promotions manager marketing and sales manager , public relations and fundraising managers, computer and information systems managers, financial managers, compensation and benefit managers , human resources managers, training and development managers, purchasing managers, transportation storage and distribution managers, farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers, construction managers, educational administrator, architectural and engineering managers, food service managers, funeral service managers, gaming managers, lodging managers, medical and health services managers, natural sciences managers, postmasters and mail superintendents, property real estate and community managers, social and community service managers, emergency management directors, managers, all other business and financial operations occupations. 

Computer and mathematical occupations: 

Computer and information research scientists, computer system analysts, computer programmers, information security analysts, software developers, Web developers, computer support specialist, database administrators, network and computer system administrators, computer network architects, computer occupations, all others. Actuaries, mathematicians, statisticians, operation research analyst, aerospace engineers, agricultural engineers, biomedical engineers, chemical engineers, civil engineers, computer hardware engineers, electrical and electronics engineers, environmental engineers, nuclear engineers, petroleum engineers, engineering technicians, surveying and mapping technicians etc. 


Life, physical and social science occupations: 

 Agriculture and food scientists, biological scientists, medical scientists, life scientists, astronomers and physicists, chemists, material scientists, environmental scientists, geoscientists, economists, psychologists and survey researchers, women are working as urban and regional planners, miscellaneous community and social service specialists. The women are giving services in services in service and protective services. Even they are not less than men in sales and office services. 

In media and in the world of art women are playing their pivotal role. They are proving that every field of work is not difficult task for them. There exists no field where women cannot work. Patience and humbleness is the key to earn respect and develop character for anyone. They must exhibit these skills.